Monday, February 22, 2010

3rd anniversary

Light travels faster than sound at a speed of – miles per hour. But I think time runs faster than both. To those who consider time precious than money, I think memories is the best wealth. To record our life to treasure these memories is really a great pleasure.

As I said, time is running faster than the speed of light, I think we couldn’t believe that its our third anniversary already. Though we didn’t want to make it a celebration, also being it on a Sunday, it was holiday for the usual protocol and the day started sluggishly.

The only plan for the day was to watch a play organized by one of my ex-colleagues, in the museum theatre. There were two shows- at 3 15 and then 7 15pm. So we planned to attend the 3 15 show. Our lunch was at Vestin park, near the venue of the play. We were in a dilemma until we reached the venue whether we really wanted to attend the play or not. but we had no clue about what was in store for us.

The world is coming to an end in 2012. But fear not, for we have “Heroes – An epic spoof” – A pantomime by ASAP. Was the sms I received as an invitation to the show. Cream bun Azhagan was the opener who was in a mission with the Fairy god mother to appoint heroes who will search the lost time machine and help the world from not ending. The superheroes were of,course the Superman, Harry potter, James bond, and our own Shaktiman. To add spices were the little ring hood, snow white, Cinderella, and …………. It was a fun filled show and totally enjoyable.

Around 6 the show got over and we were returning home. We were not taking the regular route and to my surprise I read the board Amethyst. It was a long time wish to visit the place and it was happening that day. The place was awesome, no wonder why big shots visit the place very often. I read about it for the first time in Chetan’s “2 states”.

Well how better can you celebrate your anniversary!!