Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oct 29

I would like to inform you all that the titles of my posts are contributed by my hubby. He offered to sponsor me titles because I'm just a beginner and he wants to boost me up and promote my skills as always.

And to those who don't know MY Lenin..

Lenin is not just unique, he IS Unique.
Lenin is a not just a feel good person, but he is a feel BEST person.

From the day I know him, he is the same with the "never say die" attitude. He is really genuine and he accepts people for what they are.

About love, his philosophy is ,"If you love something set it free; if it comes back to you its yours,if it doesn't it never meant to be"

I can assure you he will be your best friend for he accepts that, "A Friend is someone who knows all about you but still loves you"

He is too good, doesn't mean that you can take him for granted, for you will be unnerved.

He believes "Practice rather than preach".

Its really difficult to write about Lenin for he is so simple.

Well I can only say that I'm who I am because of him and words are scarce to write about my Lenin.


  1. ore ice mazhaithan ponga..
    Even though it is cent percent True.

  2. Aiyo aiyo enna kodumai...

    Unga rendu perayum thani thaniya piruchu vecha.. blog spacelayum aaramichuteengala?


    When r u coming back ?


  3. Arikkudhu.. Mudiyala.... So. Wen is he joinin ya ther??